With everything happening in the world today, it is easy to lose sight of our self – the “Big S”. This is a conversation I have been having frequently with many of my clients recently. How do you find work-life balance when there is no separation anymore? How are you as a parent and a teacher? How are you expected to provide entertainment for your children when we are not allowed to go anywhere, or interact with anyone outside of 6 feet away? How do you date, and fight the loneliness you may be feeling?

Where do you fall in line; your feelings, your thoughts, your own emotions related to the pandemic? Maybe you are not struggling with the pandemic but are struggling in your relationship with your significant other, co-worker/boss, or even your child. Have you had a chance to catch your own breath; to check-in with yourself?

Why it Matters

It is easy when things are “normal” to lose our self. Frequently, we get lost in work, working out, our romantic interests, and even being a parent. However, you forever must be mindful of yourself; your own wants and needs, and who you are as a person at your core. This is a lot easier said than done, but still so important. All we have in life is our self. Even when we have a partner, we are still left with our own thoughts and our own feelings. Therefore, the “Big S” matters.

Here are 3 tips to make sure you do not lose sight of the “Big S”:

  1. FIND TIME FOR YOURSELF.  This does not have to be scheduled,  or even an extended amount of time, but ensure you are taking time for you. This dedicated time should be a moment to reflect and do important thinking and self-evaluating. It’s important to identify your feelings and thoughts.
  2. JOT DOWN WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU.  Keep track of what your values are. Review this often and do a check and balance of what fits or does not fit. Do not be afraid to let unhealthy things go or to say “no”.
  3. BOUNDARIES! This seems to be such a scary word for some, but boundaries are fluid. They can change when you find it appropriate for them to change. If you need to schedule an hour for yourself, and tell your parents or friends “no”, then do so. It is okay and those who love you will understand. Do not be afraid to take care of you.

Take Care of Yourself

These tips are just the beginning, and might make it sound too easy. However, all you can do is try. Try implementing them and see what your results are. You just might surprise yourself in the strength you are able to find inside. If you ever come time a point where your feelings are overwhelming or need some guidance in navigating these times, the team at Calming Waters Counseling Services, http://amandaklcsw.com/ is here to help.